Photography - Headshot Photography - Michael Madden

Alexandria, ON
November, 2020
Michael Madden
Portrait Photography

AlZon Photography, a subsidiary of AdLiBb, significantly contributed to local politician Michael Madden's election campaign in 2020 through a strategic headshot photography session. Captured against a black background with minimalist lighting, the session accentuated Madden's integrity and dedication, establishing a strong visual foundation for his campaign identity. This professional and impactful approach was later highlighted in AdLiBb’s social media presence, illustrating the transformative power of combining professional photography with a clear vision.

Additionally, the collaboration included a 'live off the floor' video, tailor-made for Councillor Madden's social media channels. This piece offered an authentic insight into the councillor's persona, facilitating a deeper connection with the electorate. The successful integration of both photography and videography underscored AlZon Photography's commitment to delivering high-quality visual content that effectively communicates the client's message and values.