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Alexandria, ON
October, 2023
Alexandre Gauthier – DJ Modzi
Portrait Photography

AlZon Photography, in a creative collaboration with AdLiBb, recently teamed up with Alexandre Gauthier, famously known as DJ Modzi, to enhance his promotional push with some visually striking materials. The shoot, marked by its bold black and white high contrast, brilliantly captured Modzi's unique artistic flair. These images, specially tailored for his personal branding and social media use, showcase the art of powerful storytelling through photography, a hallmark of the synergy between AlZon Photography and AdLiBb.

The collection of photographs developed for DJ Modzi serves as a key element of his Electronic Press Kit (EPK), playing a critical role in his marketing strategy. This endeavor underscores the significance of distinctive visual representation in the music industry, where an artist's image is as pivotal as their sound. This partnership not only highlighted DJ Modzi’s individuality but also set a benchmark for artist promotion, ensuring his persona visually echoes with his audience and the broader music community.