Photography - Headshot Photography - Michael Madden

Alexandria, ON
February, 2024
Glengarry Historical Society
Portrait Photography

AlZon Photography joined forces with the Glengarry Historical Society for a portrait photoshoot that spotlighted Allan J. MacDonald and Helena McCuaig, illuminating their roles in the 2024 Sping Speaker Series. Set against a crisp, white background for a clean and quick setup, the session effortlessly captured both their professional demeanor and personal ties to farming, as hinted by their choice of footwear. The resulting images, filled with personality and paired with some candid outtakes, were instrumental in creating an engaging poster that significantly increased attendance at the event, demonstrating the compelling effect of portrait photography in promoting events and enhancing business visibility.

This endeavor with the Glengarry Historical Society, welcoming walk-ins for rapid shoots, emphasizes our studio's readiness to encapsulate the essence of every subject quickly and effectively. The success of the speaker series poster, featuring MacDonald and McCuaig, not only highlighted the event but also showcased the power of photography to connect and communicate, proving once again that a picture is worth a thousand words, especially in the realm of event promotion.